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Prince William & Prince Harry: In to the Future-The two British Royal Princes are up there with the leading stars and celebraties today. But they are different in many ways; they have both taken up arms for their country and most importantly William will, one day, be expected to lead his country with his new bride Kate as his queen. Diana: A model Princess-Spanning 10 years, unique film footage from around the world shows the clothes worn by the Princess of Wales, whether at work, on official tours or at play on a sun-drenched Carribbean island. As one of the worlds most photographed women this programme follows the style development of an extraordinary woman. Prince William; Royal Portrait- The portrait of Prince William, future King of England and one of the most eligable men in the world builds up a fascinating picture of an extraordinary individual. It evokes a powerful picture of an impressive young man and gives answers to the many questions surrounding Prince William; perhaps the most admired and talked-about man of his time.

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